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Amanda J Events is a full-service event management boutique that is sure to bring a unique flare to the culture of events. With a high focus on creative management, event design and providing unforgettable experiences through high-quality staffing and culinary genius, Amanda J Events is geared towards standardizing a new language to the world of corporate, private and social gatherings. Providing an array of management services customizable to each client, we endeavour to bring luxury, diversity and excellence to every experience.



Who We Are



Management is not only a profession, it is a creative skill. As a full-service event management boutique we place an emphasis on great execution, a task only well achieved through having the right team. Our executive Team is staffed with over 10 years of experience in customer service, event planning and creative execution of a variety of event types from large conferences to intimate private gatherings. We pride ourselves on being accountable to the highest standards, treating every event with care and precision all the while maintaining great rapport with our clients.

Through our management technique we’ve partnered with a number of unique vendors across our city locations, ensuring our clients' events are brought to an even higher level.


What We Do


Our personnel are equipped to assist you with all your staffing needs. We have a diverse team specifically selected based on the nature of your event.  From certified bartenders, servers, waiters and hostesses, we’ve got you covered. 


Our staffing procedures are what set us apart at Amanda J Events.

In addition to the necessary certification requirements, our staff team undergoes quarterly extensive training in areas of etiquette, conflict resolution and customer service skills. Alongside being equipped with the tools to manage conflict, our team possesses superior communication skills and are educated in areas of cultural sensitivity to reflect the multiplicity of clients we service. Our team provides exceptional service while maintaining a standard of excellence and professionalism that is sure to be felt and valued by every single guest. It’s through our staff that we heighten our event experiences. Give yourself a flawless evening and your attendees a first class experience.



Food is more than nutrition, it’s an elevated encounter when executed correctly. Our experienced culinary artisans and executive chefs, alongside Amanda J, have built a menu powered by diversity of cultures, all to meet the palette's needs. Through trial, testing and development, we’ve curated a menu so diverse in both flavour and cultural roots. Whether it be plated, stationed or passed, our appetizer and 4-course menu selections are turning up the heat. 


But first, experience a drink of your own to match your event! Here at Amanda J Events we pride ourselves on providing personalized moments. Our signature drinks are designed to fit the client and the milestone being celebrated. We hand craft a specialty drink for your occasion to leave a long lasting impression not only in the mind, but on the palette of every guest! 


Meet The Team




Born with an eye for fashion, a flair for creativity and attention to the tiniest detail, Amanda J is dedicated to producing moments and experiences only dreamed of, bringing even the smallest vision to life in the most memorable way. Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in the Honours program at Trent University, Amanda obtained her degree in Biology. Having a passion for others and a desire to enhance the life of those around her in any ways she can, Amanda chose instead to pursue the passion of her heart in assisting others in actualizing major moments in life, from milestone events to entrepreneurial and life achievements. 


Specializing in curating and producing elevated moments, Amanda J is committed to ensuring her clientele has a holistic experience. She not only meets their unique needs but also ensures that both herself and her team build a good rapport with each client, thus, creating a stress-free seamless process that is tailor made to their needs. This allows her clients to trust her judgment in facilitating their event. Amanda J takes both pride and honor in her ability to take what once was a dream for her clients and turn them into another. Her uncanny ability to bring calm amidst a storm and her desire to see others succeed makes Amanda J the perfect choice to give you a day worth remembering.


Her care for the welfare of others, goes beyond the industry of events. Mentoring young ladies in the pursuit of identity, self love and owning their uniqueness, Amanda invests her off time in pouring into the next generation for the sake of their future. Her goal? To help build a generation of fearless, loving, and creative young women, set on changing the world in their own unique way.




Moheen Lombard is the Director of Staff and Recruitment at Amanda J Events. Previously working as a Human Resources Coordinator, Moheen is a mediator, advocate and transformative facilitator who has spent over 18 years working within the community building sector. Throughout this time she spearheaded the implementation of restorative practices into current systems within the government and legal services sector, religious organizations and within the Board of Education. Offering specialized training in conflict resolution, management, communication and cultural sensitivity, it is her passion for educating and training all people alike that has led Moheen to the position of Director of Staff and Recruitment with Amanda J Events. Her determination to see excellence presented in every area of the organization has led her to work together with Amanda to compile training as well as clear and concise protocols to ensure a seemingless flow of service and etiquette from our staff to our clients and beyond. 



Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Chef Brittany is the Executive Chef at Amanda J Events. Chef Brittany’s life as a chef unfolded quickly becoming employed immediately out of culinary school. Upon graduating, Chef Brittany became employed as a chef at one the largest and fast-paced facilities in Toronto, all the while catering private events for Exousia Media Group and various private parties. In 2017, Chef Brittany became a part of the staff at the newly opened Cheesecake Factory, most famous for its massive food menu of over 20 pages of appetizers, entrees, low calorie dishes and decadent desserts. She quickly moved up the ranks winning the coveted award of Master Culinarian less than a year after being employed and establishing herself as the first black Canadian female to win this designation within the organization. While enjoying the corporate environment, Chef Brittany prefers the uniqueness of working within Amanda J Events as she has opportunities to highlight diversity in menu options and presentation. At Amanda J Events, Chef Brittany is able to assure each clients palette is more than satisfied through customized signature dishes that are visually appealing with heavenly aromas, ensuring to tantalize the palate.


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