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we create signature + elevated experiences for our clients

At Amanda J Events, we are your go-to full-service event production and consulting boutique.

Our passion lies in crafting highly personalized experiences through the ingenious execution of signature events. We place a strong emphasis on event curation, creative production, unique design implementation, and elevating the overall experience. Amanda J Events is on a mission to redefine the landscape of signature events, with a primary focus on amplifying your brand identity.

Our multifaceted approach encompasses four core pillars of service: event production, experiential marketing, event consulting, and strategic planning. Our commitment to tailoring every event to your unique needs and objectives sets us apart. We bring strategy, impact, diversity, and excellence to every experience, ensuring it resonates with your brand's identity and your audience's desires.

Whether you're looking for expert guidance in event consulting, a dynamic event production team, a creative experiential marketing approach, or strategic planning to make your event truly stand out, Amanda J Events is your trusted partner in creating memorable and impactful experiences.

"Signature events are more than just celebrations, they're moments that we’ll remember for a lifetime."


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Born with an eye for fashion, a flair for creativity and attention to the tiniest detail, Amanda J is dedicated to producing moments and experiences only dreamed of, bringing even the smallest vision to life in the most memorable way. Graduating with a Bachelors of Science in the Honours program at Trent University, Amanda obtained her degree in Biology. Having a passion for others and a desire to enhance the life of those around her in any ways she can, Amanda chose instead to pursue the passion of her heart in assisting others in actualizing major moments in life, from milestone events to entrepreneurial and life achievements. 

Specializing in curating and producing elevated moments, Amanda J is committed to ensuring her clientele has a holistic experience. She not only meets their unique needs but also ensures that both herself and her team build a good rapport with each client, thus, creating a stress-free seamless process that is tailor made to their needs. This allows her clients to trust her judgment in facilitating their event. Amanda J takes both pride and honor in her ability to take what once was a dream for her clients and turn them into another. Her uncanny ability to bring calm amidst a storm and her desire to see others succeed makes Amanda J the perfect choice to give you a day worth remembering.


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