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have the event of your dreams!

Your Brand Is Unique. Your Event Should Be Too. 

Amanda J Events has a diverse team of experts that work with our clients to develop a concept for their event that aligns with their goals and objectives. Our initial consultations are what we call a "vision forecasting" meeting that include the discussion of the events vision & specific goal-oriented details including budget and timeline for the event. From logistics and hospitality to brand marketing strategies, creative direction and sponsorship strategies, we take responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the event, from concept development to execution.

In order to meet the need of your signature event, understanding your brand and goals matter.

This knowledge is used to create the foundational scope necessary to execute the perfect event that showcases all your brand has to offer. Once your identity is defined, its personality can come to life. Amanda J spearheads a step by step curation experience with her clients rooted in excellence and creativity that is sure to be felt and valued by every single one of their guests, but she's not alone. It’s through our team and exceptional vendors that we're able to heighten our event experiences from creation through execution. 

Management is not only a profession, it is a creative skill.

Our full-service event production packages place an emphasis on great execution, a task only well achieved through having the right team both internally and externally. Our team staffed with over 20 years of experience in customer service, event production and creative execution of a variety of events from large conferences to intimate private gatherings. From managing budgets, vendor and venue procurement and logistics, to on-site management of your event, we pride ourselves on being accountable to the highest standards, treating every event with care and precision all the while maintaining great rapport with our clients.

Overall, the scope of work for AJE is extensive and requires a high level of organizational and project management skills. Our team is equipped to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, all while remaining calm under pressure, and being flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.

On-site, our team will be responsible for managing the event, overseeing vendors, ensuring everything runs smoothly, and handling any issues that may arise.

We will also strategize with our clients post-event analytics, conducting a post-event analysis to evaluate the success of the event and identify areas for improvement.


full service event production


Event Design and Theme Development

Custom & Branded Materials 

Event Marketing Strategy

Experiential Marketing 

Curated Guest Experience

On-Site Management

Vendor Coordination

Oversee Event Logisitcs 

Post-Event Evaluation 

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